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Meeting Notice - Tuesday April 10th, 2012

Building Dynamic Web Applications with KnockoutJS and ASP.Net MVC by Ely Lucas

KnockoutJS is an open source JavaScript library that simplifies building dynamic Web UIs using the Model View View Model (MVVM) design pattern. XAML developers have long enjoyed great features that make building data driven applications easy. KnockoutJS brings these same features to the Web and JavaScript! In this talk, Ely Lucas will combine KnockoutJS, jQuery, AJAX, and ASP.Net MVC to demonstrate some truly amazing web goodness. Come learn about Knockout's primary strengths (such as declarative bindings, automatic two way data binding, and templating) and see why developing for the web can be a great experience.

Bio: Ely Lucas

Ely Lucas is a Web Application Developer for Aspenware Internet Solutions, and is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.Net. He digs web and mobile technologies, and utilizes ASP.Net, C#, HTML5, and JavaScript, ObjectiveC, and Java to build them. He believes that the product of creating something amazing happens when working with great people on interesting problems. He likes participating in the local developer community in the Denver/Boulder area, where he speaks at and runs several groups. When not developing awesome software, he enjoys exercise, mountain biking, photography, and hanging out with his wife and son in Westminster, CO.

This meeting will be held in the Team USA Swimming building at the Olympic Training Center at our normal meeting time of 5:30 PM - CLICK here TO GET THE LOCATION AND TIME DETAILS.

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